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Think Sunscreen Doesn’t Work? UV Camera Video Proves It Does

A friend of mine sent me this short UV camera video. He knows I love seeing things like this online. I know getting into the habit of wearing sunscreen all the time is hard. Especially when you might not see the consequences of not wearing sunscreen for many years. This video was taken with a UV camera. It shows how effective sunscreen is when it’s applied. You should still wait your 15 minutes to let it soak in before going outdoors, but your sunscreen does start working right away. uJ.gifv You’re not protected without sunscreen. Apply sunscreen daily. Make it a habit. If […]

What is a UV camera?

A UV Camera shows damage under the surface of the skin. We’ve all seen the gruesome ads sponsored by the Truth people about the long-term dangers of smoking: smokers who can only speak through special handheld devices and internal organs blackened by the tar that builds up from smoking. But these are just some of the examples I’ve seen on TV. Unfortunately, these scare tactics don’t seem to work. Dermatologists are battling a similar problem in their quest to reduce tanning behaviors, especially among young people. Scare tactics depicting possible skin cancers, oftentimes deadly melanoma, don’t seem to work. Do […]