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Total Body Photography: A Tool Against Skin Cancer

Total Body Photography Is A Great Way To Monitor Skin Lesions Did you know that the best way to keep track of all the moles and random spots on your skin is to routinely take pictures of them? This allows you to compare a picture from 6 months or a year ago to a picture you take today. It avoids the hassle of trying to remember if your mole really was that big or that dark before. Your guesses and attempts at trying to remember are probably wrong anyway. Total body photography attempts to take pictures of the entire surface […]

How To Tell if A Mole is Cancerous: Use ABCDE

The ABCDE Tool Helps Determine Whether A Mole is Suspicious Do you ever wonder how to tell if a mole is cancerous or totally benign? Every once in a while, I’ll get a new text message from a friend who wants my opinion. They want my opinion on a new mole or freckle that they had never noticed before. For example, last week one of my friends from California sent me a message saying: “Hey ms dermqueen, are freckles on palms or soles of feet a reason to be alarmed? Do they have to be removed?”  Of course every case […]