Best Facial Sunscreens On The Market

Best Facial Sunscreens Based on Texture, Spreadability, and Price I never leave the house without putting on sunscreen. My face must always be protected from the sun by a nice layer of sunscreen. That’s one beauty habit that I vow never to break. But choosing the right face sunscreen can be tricky. There are a lot of options available, but the formulations, ingredients, and product claims can be confusing. Many people don’t like to wear sunscreen because of the smell and the feeling on the skin. These product picks are sure to please even the pickiest person. They don’t smell […]

Research Round-Up — Eczema, Acne, & Sunscreen

Today’s dermatology research round-up includes an article from each of the major dermatology journals: JAMA Dermatology, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, and Journal of Investigative Dermatology. This week I’ll be discussing new research in eczema, acne, and sunscreens. Eczema Is More Likely to Persist in Certain Patients A systematic review of 45 studies found that childhood eczema (atopic dermatitis) tends to remit by adulthood in most patients. However, certain patients such as those with late onset disease, long course of disease, and severe disease are more likely to suffer from eczema throughout their life. This research included 110,651 […]

Think Sunscreen Doesn’t Work? UV Camera Video Proves It Does

A friend of mine sent me this short UV camera video. He knows I love seeing things like this online. I know getting into the habit of wearing sunscreen all the time is hard. Especially when you might not see the consequences of not wearing sunscreen for many years. This video was taken with a UV camera. It shows how effective sunscreen is when it’s applied. You should still wait your 15 minutes to let it soak in before going outdoors, but your sunscreen does start working right away. uJ.gifv You’re not protected without sunscreen. Apply sunscreen daily. Make it a habit. If […]

What To Pack for Safari

Pack for Safari with Your Skin in Mind I’ve been thinking a lot about what to pack for Safari. I must have forgotten to mention this, but yeah I’m leaving for a weeklong Safari vacation in South Africa tomorrow. It’s the trip of a lifetime. I fretted over what to pack for weeks because I didn’t know exactly how the weather would behave. I’ve never been to South Africa before so I didn’t know whether to expect Miami style humidity or Las Vegas dryness. I relied on my trusty iPhone weather app for information. Lucky me, the temperatures will range […]

An Anti-Aging Regimen You Can Use for A Lifetime

Start Your Skin Care Regimen Early As I head into my mid 20’s I’ve noticed some unfortunate signs of aging. I never realized I had smile lines up until one or two years ago. I never used to wake up with puffiness under my eyes. These are all things I’m noticing and experiencing for the first time. Yes, these are minor concerns, but I want to age gracefully. Sort of like a fine cheese or a good bottle of wine. I needed to implement an anti-aging regimen. My plan for staving off the cruel effects of time includes several topical creams […]