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Facial Moisturizer

The Last Step – Facial Moisturizer The last step in a good beauty routine should be facial moisturizer. After cleansing and maybe using toner, moisturizers will lock in the moisture your skin needs to stay supple and healthy. Most of us probably use some sort of moisturizer already. We know that it makes our skin look good and feel good. But did you know moisturizer becomes more of a necessity with aging? Or when you use certain prescription acne medications? Moisturizer And Aging Moisturizer is especially important as we age. The water content of your skin and its appearance, by extension, will […]

Why should you care about the 500 Dalton rule?

Big Molecules Can’t Penetrate Skin You may or may not have heard of a concept in skin care pharmacology called the 500 dalton rule. This rule was proposed in the year 2000 to describe the upper limit molecular weight for a molecule to be able to penetrate into skin. This “rule” explains why some ingredients seem to just sit on the skin, while other ingredients can seep right into the lower layers of the skin. To explain this concept a little better, we need some background on the layers of the skin. Layers of the Skin The skin is composed […]

Honey for Skin Care

Using Honey in Your Skin Care Routine I’m a big fan of a tasty cocktail called the Bee’s knees. The ingredients are simple: lemon juice, gin, lavender bitters, and honey simple syrup. I don’t like the taste of honey when served plain or raw. You won’t see me spreading honey on crackers or adding it to sweeten my drinks. I didn’t know this, but honey for skin care is a real thing. After diving into the literature I can safely say, honey does have beneficial effects for skin! The good news for the organic health nuts out there is that it’s […]