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Why should you care about the 500 Dalton rule?

Big Molecules Can’t Penetrate Skin You may or may not have heard of a concept in skin care pharmacology called the 500 dalton rule. This rule was proposed in the year 2000 to describe the upper limit molecular weight for a molecule to be able to penetrate into skin. This “rule” explains why some ingredients seem to just sit on the skin, while other ingredients can seep right into the lower layers of the skin. To explain this concept a little better, we need some background on the layers of the skin. Layers of the Skin The skin is composed […]

5 Awesome New Skin Care Products

My Favorite New Skin Care Products I recently attended the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical conference back in January. I’ve attended this conference in the past and always find it enjoyable, educational, and absolutely loaded with goodies in the exhibit hall. This year was no different; I went home with quite a few bags of dermatology swag. Some of the products I came home with are tried and true favorites. Some of the products are new additions that I had never tried or heard of. I got creams, lotions, serums, sunscreens, and nutritional supplements galore. Luckily, you have me to […]