No-Ad Sunscreen: Product Review

No-Ad Sunscreen Is My Favorite Body Sunscreen

My go to brand for body sunscreen is No-Ad. No-Ad sunscreen was started in 1962 with the mission of providing twice as much sunscreen as the national competitor brands for the same price. You can probably see why I love this brand so much already. I’m on a broke medical student budget where the thought of spending more money than I absolutely have to on anything leaves me filled with dread. Loan money only goes so far. However, I’m not willing to go out in the sun unprotected.  The sun’s rays are menacing and out to get you.

How I found No-Ad Sunscreen

I first found out about this sunscreen about 3 summers ago when I googled “best cheap sunscreens,” or something of that nature. After reading a best consumer products list, I settled on No-Ad SPF 60 sunscreen lotion and tried it for the first time. Their name comes from the fact that they don’t engage in any forms of advertising. Honestly, they live off of referrals. I actually wish they would advertise more. They are such a great, yet little-known brand.

How Much Does No-Ad Cost

$0.88/ounce for SPF 50 Sport

No-Ad Sport SPF 50 Bottle

No-Ad Sport SPF 50

My 16 fluid ounce bottle of No-Ad will last me almost the entire summer. It only costs about $14. Seriously, check it out on Amazon. I’m really trying to emphasize cost because you should be applying a shot glass full of sunscreen to your entire body each time you re-apply. With those recommendations, it’s impossible to buy expensive sunscreens that won’t last nearly as long. Stick to a budget by buying No-Ad sunscreen.

Where to Buy No-Ad Sunscreen

I buy my sunscreen on Amazon. I’ve bought it at Walmart a few years back, but I haven’t seen it carried in stores near me recently.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients are composed of chemical sunscreens including: avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, and oxybenzone. The breakdown of the SPF 50 Sport bottle I have in my hand are as follows:

UVA filters

Avobenzone 2%

Oxybenzone 5%

UVB filters

Homosalate 15%

Octisalate 5%


Water resistant ✓

Broad Spectrum ✓

SPF 15+ ✓

Review of No-Ad Sunscreen

Great price aside, No-Ad sunscreen also delivers a quality product that is easily spreadable and dissolves into your skin with ease.

No-Ad SPF 50 before spreading

Before spreading.

No-Ad SPF 50 during spreading.

During spreading.

No-Ad SPF 50 after spreading.

After spreading.






Its consistency is thick. I don’t like to use it on my face, but it’s great for the entire body. I don’t ever feel like I’m left with the white residue that most cheap sunscreens leave. See the picture below. In fact, I feel that my skin looks shinier, but not greasy. It’s like applying a nice lotion.

Equate brand vs. No-Ad

Equate brand (top) vs. No-Ad (bottom)

The smell is typical of sunscreen but not harsh or overpowering. According to their site, they also have spray sunscreens available. However, I’ve never used them personally. Based on the sunscreen lotions I’ve used from them (both regular and sport versions), they are probably selling a top-notch product for insanely competitive prices.

Have you ever tried No-Ad’s products? If not, what’s your go-to brand for sunscreen? Leave your comments below. 

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