Common Conditions

Head Lice — Transmission, Diagnosis, & How to Treat

For many kids, head lice is a rite of passage. It can spread through schools and playgrounds like wildfire. But, it’s not just kids who get lice! If your scalp has been feeling extremely itchy all of a sudden, it may be lice. Head lice is a contagious infection with the human head louse. Read on to learn how to diagnose lice, how it is transmitted from person to person, and most importantly, how to treat head lice. Pediculus humanus capitis The causative insect in head lice is Pediculus humanus capitis. This is a wingless insect that can only live as a parasite on human heads. […]

Male Pattern Hair Loss (Androgenetic Alopecia)

Male Pattern Hair Loss Is Very Common Male pattern hair loss, a medical condition also known as androgenetic alopecia, affects more than 40% of white men by the age of 40. I’m sure you’ve noticed the receding hairlines and patchy spots starting to form on the back of most men’s heads by this age. We’ve all heard the men in our lives complain about that one spot of hair that used to be thicker. Think hair loss is no big deal? Although this may be easy for women or those lucky men who have managed to keep their hair, hair […]

Stress Related Hair Loss

Stress Can Lead to Hair Loss Do you ever feel like your hair is thinner than it used to be? It might be that you’re getting older, in which case it’s natural to experience some hair loss. However, it might also be related to your stress levels day in and day out. If you’ve been going through a particularly stressful time lately or experienced big changes in your life then stress related hair loss may be something else you’ve been worrying about lately. (1) Stress Related Hair Loss occurs due to different conditions. Telogen Effluvium This is a condition where […]