Research Round-Up

Research Round-Up — Adult Acne & Using Pics to Triage Post-Op Patients

Happy Monday readers! After taking a quick break after Thanksgiving, it’s time for Research Round-Up again. Thanks for coming back to read my morning segment on the latest Dermatology research. Today I’m writing about two articles that caught my eye. One is about the risk factors that are associated with developing adult female acne and the other is about using patient photographs to triage concerns after Mohs surgery. Acne is a common problem, and there are modifiable risk factors that may help lessen acne severity. As for the other article, this is yet another example of technology paving the way […]

Research Round-Up — Sugar Packets Prevent Skin Cancer

Another Monday means another Research Round-Up! Thanks for coming back to read my morning segment on the latest Dermatology research. Today is a really quick post. I’m writing about one article that described an original skin cancer prevention campaign. Like I mentioned last week, I’m passionate about skin cancer prevention! I really like to give these articles the attention they deserve. Keep reading to get the full scoop. Sugar Packets With An Important Message Although this doesn’t technically count as research, a recently published article in JAMA dermatology discussed a skin cancer awareness public health campaign in Portugal. The Portuguese […]

Research Round-Up — Melasma Treatment and Indoor Tanning Ban

Welcome back for research round-up! Thanks for reading my Monday morning segment on the latest Dermatology research. Today I’ll be discussing an oral adjunctive treatment for melasma and new research regarding the ban on indoor tanning for minors. I’m passionate about skin cancer prevention so I thought today’s topic on indoor tanning was very important to discuss. Keep reading to get the full scoop. Oral Tranexamic Acid for Treating Melasma A study recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that oral tranexamic acid may help in the treatment of melasma. (1) Melasma is a chronic hyperpigmentation condition that […]

Research Round-Up — Diet in Acne and Electronic vs. Paper Prescriptions

Today we have a quick research round-up. I’ll be writing about the role of diet in acne and the best method for receiving a prescription if you intend to fill it. I’ve written about the role of diet in acne in the past so today will be touching on those same topics again. Like I said before, several studies have found a link between milk consumption and acne. The other article is interesting for the technologically inclined. I love the intersection of technology and medicine. This article highlights yet another one of the many ways that technology is improving outcomes in […]

Research Round-Up — Reverse Image Search & Cellulite Treatment

For today’s research round-up, I’ll be discussing google image search for self-diagnosis and long-term results from a device that treats cellulite. I found the first article extremely interesting because I, like most people, like to research my symptoms and medical conditions online. I have the advantage of being able to clearly formulate descriptions with the right medical terminology. However, for the average lay person who is not involved in the medical field, describing symptoms or a skin condition is difficult! The second article presents the 2-year results of the only device I know of that can actually treat cellulite. Unlike […]