An Anti-Aging Regimen You Can Use for A Lifetime

Start Your Skin Care Regimen Early As I head into my mid 20’s I’ve noticed some unfortunate signs of aging. I never realized I had smile lines up until one or two years ago. I never used to wake up with puffiness under my eyes. These are all things I’m noticing and experiencing for the first time. Yes, these are minor concerns, but I want to age gracefully. Sort of like a fine cheese or a good bottle of wine. I needed to implement an anti-aging regimen. My plan for staving off the cruel effects of time includes several topical creams […]

Tretinoin for Anti-Aging

Tretinoin (Retin-A) Is A Miracle Drug Tretinoin is the only anti-aging cream that’s been scientifically proven to work. Every other advertisement in today’s media hopes to lure in consumers with the newest anti-aging secret. They promise their product will erase deep wrinkles. They claim to repair aged skin that has lost its youthful glow. I’m sorry to say that life doesn’t work that way. There is no magic cream, lotion, or pill that will get rid of those pesky fine lines and signs of sun damage overnight. However, Tretinoin can help immensely, but you need to be religious about using […]