Research Round-Up — Sugar Packets Prevent Skin Cancer

Another Monday means another Research Round-Up! Thanks for coming back to read my morning segment on the latest Dermatology research. Today is a really quick post. I’m writing about one article that described an original skin cancer prevention campaign. Like I mentioned last week, I’m passionate about skin cancer prevention! I really like to give these articles the attention they deserve. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

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Sugar Packets With An Important Message

Although this doesn’t technically count as research, a recently published article in JAMA dermatology discussed a skin cancer awareness public health campaign in Portugal. The Portuguese Skin Cancer Association partnered with one of the largest manufacturers of sugar packets in the country to deliver a message.

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The idea was simple. They used messages printed on sugar packets in order to influence people to stay out of the sun.

The messages began like this:

Delta Coffee and your dermatologist wish you a tasty and safe…Summer”

Then they were followed by one of the 4 following statements:

  • “Summer without sunburn, sun with moderation, shade as protection…”
  • “Sports in the summer, with safe protection …”
  • “Sunbeds age the skin and induce skin cancer…”
  • “Skin cancer can be cured, if detected at an early stage but it can also be prevented…”

And ended with:

“Do not overexpose yourself to the sun… The choice is yours.

What a great idea! They weren’t able to quantify what an impact this simple message made on skin cancer rates or mortality, but this is a great attempt. Skin cancer is preventable by avoiding sun exposure. Don’t risk being a statistic later in life. Always use your sunscreen, stay in the shade, and get any suspicious skin growths checked by a dermatologist.

Have you seen any interesting Dermatology research articles lately? Send me a message so I can feature it in the future!


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