Monthly Archives: December 2016

Babies in the Sun Need to be Protected

When it comes to going outside, I always preach sunscreen, hats, long sleeves, and all around sun protection. But did you know that there are specific recommendations for sun protection in babies? Like with many things, babies are more fragile. Their immune systems and bodies aren’t fully developed yet. Babies are more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays than adults. This is because babies don’t have as much melanin in their skin as adults. Melanin is what gives skin its color. People with darker skin colors have more melanin and are more protected from the sun. Even one sunburn in […]

Research Round-Up — Adult Acne & Using Pics to Triage Post-Op Patients

Happy Monday readers! After taking a quick break after Thanksgiving, it’s time for Research Round-Up again. Thanks for coming back to read my morning segment on the latest Dermatology research. Today I’m writing about two articles that caught my eye. One is about the risk factors that are associated with developing adult female acne and the other is about using patient photographs to triage concerns after Mohs surgery. Acne is a common problem, and there are modifiable risk factors that may help lessen acne severity. As for the other article, this is yet another example of technology paving the way […]

Head Lice — Transmission, Diagnosis, & How to Treat

For many kids, head lice is a rite of passage. It can spread through schools and playgrounds like wildfire. But, it’s not just kids who get lice! If your scalp has been feeling extremely itchy all of a sudden, it may be lice. Head lice is a contagious infection with the human head louse. Read on to learn how to diagnose lice, how it is transmitted from person to person, and most importantly, how to treat head lice. Pediculus humanus capitis The causative insect in head lice is Pediculus humanus capitis. This is a wingless insect that can only live as a parasite on human heads. […]