Monthly Archives: May 2016

What To Pack for Safari

Pack for Safari with Your Skin in Mind I’ve been thinking a lot about what to pack for Safari. I must have forgotten to mention this, but yeah I’m leaving for a weeklong Safari vacation in South Africa tomorrow. It’s the trip of a lifetime. I fretted over what to pack for weeks because I didn’t know exactly how the weather would behave. I’ve never been to South Africa before so I didn’t know whether to expect Miami style humidity or Las Vegas dryness. I relied on my trusty iPhone weather app for information. Lucky me, the temperatures will range […]

Facial Moisturizer

The Last Step – Facial Moisturizer The last step in a good beauty routine should be facial moisturizer. After cleansing and maybe using toner, moisturizers will lock in the moisture your skin needs to stay supple and healthy. Most of us probably use some sort of moisturizer already. We know that it makes our skin look good and feel good. But did you know moisturizer becomes more of a necessity with aging? Or when you use certain prescription acne medications? Moisturizer And Aging Moisturizer is especially important as we age. The water content of your skin and its appearance, by extension, will […]