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5 Ways To Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

Winter Dries Out Skin Even if you’re not living in an extremely cold area like say Minnesota, most of us do notice at least some changes to our skin when the weather turns cooler. The humidity of summer is replaced with the dry, bitter cold winds of winter. This can dramatically alter the appearance of your skin – for the worse. Dry skin is rampant in the winter time. It’s not just that the flakes are constantly being shed from your skin, that’s a minor cosmetic inconvenience. It’s the fact that it feels itchy and can become painful when the skin […]

Could Your Western Diet Cause Acne?

Does Diet Cause Acne? With Thanksgiving coming up this week a lot of us will be stuffing our faces with all manner of delicious, high fat, high carb foods. For most of us, this is an acceptable holiday tradition that will end with our belts unfastened and an early night. There’s a commonly held myth that eating greasy food leads to a “greasy” face. If you suffer from acne, you might want to hold back on all the high carb foods. I originally believed it was all brouhaha without any scientific basis to it. However, multiple studies have shown a […]

Over the Counter Acne Medications

Acne Can Be Treated With Over the Counter Products Acne is the bane of many a teenager’s existence and the most common skin condition worldwide. Maybe you never had more than a pimple or two at a time, but chances are you found even the smallest acne lesion distressing and a cause for concern. Personally, I was always a picker. Any bump, pimple, or blackhead was immediately a target that my hands just couldn’t stay away from. Lucky for me I never got more than a few pimples at a time, but many teenagers and adults struggle with this condition. Most people […]

How to Choose a Face Sunscreen in 6 Easy Steps

Choose a Face Sunscreen By Following Simple Guidelines It can be overwhelming to go online or into your local drugstore to choose a good sunscreen that will be the base for your makeup everyday. We’ve all had the unfortunate circumstance of purchasing a sunscreen or moisturizer with built in sunscreen that we thought would be the answer to our prayers only to realize that it didn’t quite live up to our expectations. Worry no more! Here are the 6 easy questions you have to ask yourself when deciding on whether to buy a certain face sunscreen. Keep these in mind […]

EltaMD UV Clear — One of My Favorite Face Sunscreens: Product Review

Have you ever found a product you love so much that you used it every day and you wanted to tell all your friends and family about it? Well it definitely happened to me with my facial sunscreen. I use EltaMD’s UV Clear SPF 46 to start off every single day. How I found EltaMD UV Clear I first heard about EltaMD after attending my very first dermatology conference back in January of 2015. They were one of the exhibitors who handed out samples to the conference attendees in order to build awareness of their fabulous products. When I went […]